Confused About What Wood Would Be Best For Your Dream Home??

  • Jasmin James    2018-06-16 08:38:35

Wood is an unavoidable part of home building in kerala. It simultaneously ushers in aspects of tradition and modernity, adding to its charm and appeal. These homes are thus a beauty indeed, what with its unique style, structure and aesthetic designs.

The quality of wood, its beauty and its decore stresses a lot on selection. It is important to make sure that one chooses the right kind of materials. One of the primary things to look for while selecting wood is to make sure that it has undergone a good amount of seasoning. Seasoning should happen for nearly three months. If at all this process has not taken place accordingly, it can lead to bends.

While buying wood make sure that they are straight and round without bends. These woods are the best because straight wood gives 60% of itself as timber.Moreover it is important to know the age of the wood. This can be calculated using various ways. The deep cracks and crevices on the surface, the condition of the leaves etc are factors which helps us to calculate the number of summers and winters the wood has withstood.

Also trees which are grown in forests without the involvement of chemicals and pesticides are always the best. These pesticides increases the growth spurt of the trees which will result in them looking quite large. But the quality and strength of these woods will not be anywhere close to that of the ones grown on natural soils.

While cutting lumber make sure that the large ones are cut first. And then only should the smaller ones be worked upon. Further, use only the best parts of the trunk and avoid piths, branches and offshoots.

When it comes to building doorframes and windows, the most appropriate wood to choose is teak. Teaks are grown in forests where they are cut down and left idle for a long period of time. This time lapse will add proper seasoning on the wood. Also teaks are best for building furnitures. Since it is a hard wood, it has more grains. This makes furnitures more grand and elegant. Further, if kitchen cupboards are to be made from wood, teak can be given priority again.

But when it comes to building door shutters it is better to avoid young teak timbers. Young teak has a nature of expanding itself and hence, as door shutters, they might expand resulting in an inability to close the door itself. Full grown jack trees and teaks are the best woods for building door shutters. But their whites should not be used as they might go bad in the future and waste away.

Young teak, thambakam, kadachi and fadok woods are also good for building home furnitures. This is because furniture is made from small timbers and it has a lot of crosses, resulting in less bends.

With the increasing fondness towards wood, its majesty and flair, products such as verma teak has also taken over the market sphere in kerala these days.

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